Wanna be a Bona Fide Bonehead?

Here's what you gotta do and why.  First, if you wanna be a Bona Fide Bonehead, you must have had our food.  Fill out the information below and send it to us.  We're gonna take this information and send you a gift.  This gift will let others know what a Bonehead you are.  Not just any bonehead, but a Bona Fide Bonehead!  We will not pass this information to any other website or company - we promise.  It's for Bonehead's Texas BBQ only.  We're requiring additional info, so please make sure you fill it all out.

One more thing.....you gotta tell us why you wanna be a Bonehead and where you had our food.  Want to make a comment about it?  Leave it in the Comment box below and we'll publish it with other Bonehead comments (that's so you'll know you're not the only Bonehead out there - in fact here are thousands of you).  Be sure to let us know if we can use your name or not.