Bonehead's Texas BBQ

gimme sum o' dem bones!

Bonehead's Texas BBQ is the brainchild of a Silicon Valley salesman who chose to do something he loved rather than continue to put up with the daily commute. As a hobby, Dave Roberson (aka Duroc) has been smoking for friends, family, churches, and large groups for 25 plus years. His first smoker was made from a 55-gallon drum, a stolen grocery cart, (he says someone else stole it, he just didn't know where to return it to—yeah, right, Dave) and a couple of lawn mower tires. Yep, he's a real bubba! 

All of our products are prepared fresh daily… well most of them. The cole slaw, tater salad and other salads are. But our meats take days to prepare even before they’re cooked. You see, we use rubs on our meats that we allow to soak in for up to 72 hours before they’re placed in the smoker. That’s what makes Bonehead’s different – we’re slow – low and slow smokin’. We use wood fired smokers only - no natural gas or charcoal. We believe natural gas and charcoal leave a flavor that isn’t compatible to tasty food.

We are the only independently owned restaurant that purchases direct from Harris Ranch. We use only Angus Choice beef and cook well over 700 lbs each week!

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You see, it’s like this; it takes many hours to prep and smoke our meats. It isn’t the same as grilling or frying foods. We smoke our brisket for 17 hours, ribs for 5-6 hours, pulled pork 12 hours, chicken 2 hours, and sausage for 1 hour – that’s what makes it very special. So, our task is to attempt to guess the magic number of pounds to smoke each day. Some days we’re right on the money, others, we can be short or make too much of a specific meat. 

Thank you for your understanding!